A home for wildlife and for you

It’s #GardenWildlifeWeek and we would love to share some of the wildlife-friendly features, both in our gardens and communal green areas, at Severnbank in Newnham on Severn:

Our hedgehog-friendly fencing connects gardens so that hedgehogs can roam freely in search of food and mates. We also install hedgehog houses to provide shelter and somewhere for nesting.

Our bird boxes provide a place for nesting birds and a home for their fledglings; and bat boxes provide a place for bats to roost.

Our planting is designed to create future fight paths for wildlife, especially bats that use tree lines and the tree canopy as corridors to commute from one area to another.

Hedgerows, green spaces, planting and wetlands create wildlife corridors that connect with the surrounding countryside, allowing wildlife to move freely and safely between them.

We partnered with Leaf Creative to design a show garden that features flowers chosen specifically to provide forage for a wide variety of pollinating insects, including bees.


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