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 Westcombe Place at Northleach 

The impressively large homes at The Westwoods in Northleach

It’s reported that there are an estimated 1.2m adult children aged between 25 and 34 still living at home following a report carried out by insurance provider Aviva. There are many varying reasons for this living arrangement with the majority not being able to afford to leave home, 24% of stay at home adult children saying that they lived at home to enjoy the comforts of being looked after by mum and dad and 14% stating they are staying to look after their parents.

Over half of the people interviewed said they were very happy with this arrangement and 8% being very honest about never wanting to stop living with their parents. For some the idea of children staying at home indefinitely would not be appealing nor would it be for the adult children themselves, but for whatever reason this extended family living arrangement is becoming more and more common. With this shift in family dynamic there is a clear need also for privacy and space and not every home can provide this.

Having separate living areas to retreat to after a hard day at work for every family member is fast becoming a major driver in home choice and not every home provides this, in particular not every modern home. The way that people judge space and use their homes is changing. From the couple that buys their first home, the young family that is expanding and now through to the older family who still cohabits to the point of sometimes even caring for older relatives - a need to use space effectively is definitely high on the list of priorities. Houses have to work for you and how you want to use them, everyone is different.

A bedroom at The Close

The homes at The Close in Llangrove have a floor space of 223m2

At Freeman Homes we design our homes around this ever changing family dynamic and have floor spaces that way exceed other national house builders. The average new build home is 76m2 which just doesn’t give enough room for this new way of life that’s emerging. Our average floor space is 123m2, nearly twice the size and gives you room to live how you want to.

When working in conjunction with our architects, every conceivable living arrangement and use is considered to ensure the living areas are flexible. Storage is also massively important because with more people comes more things and that’s why we design homes that have an abundance of storage, no space is wasted and every nook and cranny is well used including loft voids. Some of our properties have entire floors that can be sectioned off as separate living areas for adult children or elderly relatives. We understand that it’s all about making sure your home will provide for you everything you want it to, now and in the years to come.

If you want to future proof your move then come to see a Freeman Home and find out just how different it is...

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