Spring is the best time of year to move!

Have you ever thought that there is a good time of year to move? Well every season in the year has pros and cons for moving house. Although if you are thinking about moving in the immediate future you will be pleased to hear that the spring time seems to have a lot more pros than cons.

One of the best reasons for moving in the spring is that with the evenings getting longer and the days brighter, there will be a lot more light coming into your home. This will make your house feel much more inviting and brighter to any potential purchaser.

As well as this, it is likely that you garden will also be looking much better than it has done over the last few months which will encourage purchaser to think about how they will use it and think of summer barbecues with their friends.

With the exception of Easter, there are fewer major events in the spring time to have to work around. Things tend to keep moving around Easter much more than they do at Christmas and New Year for example.

The spring is also a popular time for home improvements. Which could potentially mean when buying in the spring the property you are looking at may need less work doing to it before you move in. Equally, if you are selling, then a quick lick of paint will make the property look fresh and clean.

People start thinking about their plans for later in the year in spring, families like to make sure they have their ducks in a row well before the new school year in September. Making Spring the perfect time to move so they have a few months of settling in before the new academic year starts.

Therefore for those looking to buy or sell, especially family homes, the spring can be a tremendously busy time.

If you're thinking of moving this year, now is possibly the best time to do it.

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