What you must ask your house builder...

When you're purchasing your new home it's sometimes hard to compare like for like and so here is our handy guide on what to look for from your house builder and just 4 questions to ask to help you cut through the jargon...

1 Is it a freehold property?
When buying a freehold property you own the property outright and can alter your home should you wish to.  Be cautious of leasehold houses which will require you to pay a ground rent and may restrict you in what you do with the property in the long run.

2 Are there any hidden fees?
Some properties come with the added costs of service charges and management fees to deal with costs to shared areas - these may go up considerably in years to come so make you ask the right questions.

3 What does the specification include?
Some house builders offer a very minimal specification meaning you may have to pay for flooring, kitchen appliances, turf and even fencing to the garden!  Freeman Homes are proud to be different and include these things in our standard specification as well as NEFF integrated kitchen appliances.

4 Does the developer have a good reputation?
Spend some time doing research on the developer so you can get to know what to expect from your new home, there are plenty of websites allowing you to check if the house builder will deliver what they say they will so research is key. Do they have customer testimonials you can read or videos you can watch?

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