Why buy new? Find out more about our upcoming series...

Our brand new 'Why Buy New?' series will be looking into the many advantages of buying a new build home. This is a subject that requires a lot of consideration and so that's why we've spread the benefits across a few different films delving into each one in more detail in each episode.

Over the series we're going to look at the build quality of a new home in more detail, how you can get more peace of mind and receive financial assistance, the guarantees you would get and the after sales service offered. We will be comparing the cost of buying new to the true cost of buying an older home and we are even going to look into how the home buying process itself can go more smoothly when you buy from a house builder. To keep up to date with all new episodes in this series and any other videos we upload, head over to Freeman TV and subscribe to the channel.

For now here is the first in the series for you to enjoy - 'Avoiding the cost of renovation'.


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