NIBE Air Source Heat Pumps: The Future of Heating

Air Source Heat Pumps: The Future of Heating

At Freeman Homes, we are on a journey of continuous improvement, designing and developing homes with ever-increasing energy efficiency measures, utilising some of the most innovative, and cutting-edge technologies on the market. We understand that the right heating system for your home is paramount, and that's why we've incorporated NIBE air source heat pumps into our newly built homes.


What are air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps operate by harnessing the ambient heat from outside, efficiently converting it into heating for your home. Because they run on electricity, rather than gas, they consume very little energy. This warmth is then distributed around your home through underfloor heating, which is highly energy-efficient, supremely comfortable, and eliminates the need for radiators, allowing you complete freedom when arranging your furniture. This lowers your energy bills and offers the most sustainable alternative to traditional central heating on the market.

Why is Freeman Homes opting for air source heat pumps?

We first trialled air source heat pumps on a development in 2016, as part of our plan to roll them out across our future developments. The trial was a resounding success, and eight years on, these properties are still being efficiently warmed by the pumps. It’s why we’ve committed to installing them at all new developments, including Cherry Hill at Fownhope, Clifton Meadows at St Weonards, and Oakfields at Credenhill. This is an instrumental step in our transition to low-carbon and zero carbon development, eliminating the need for a gas source to the property, as well as improving efficiency. The developments at Credenhill, St Weonards and Fownhope also come with solar panels as standard, meaning the electricity needed to power your sustainable heating system is provided with renewable energy, further reducing the carbon cost.

Are they effective?

Ours are. For all our developments, we have selected NIBE air source heat pumps, and the reason for this is because that’s all NIBE do. As specialists in air source heat pumps, it means NIBE understand how to make them effective, are constantly seeking to improve them and make efficiency gains, and they are specialists in their field.

It's true that air source heat pumps get mixed reviews. However, this is because many brands offer them as an “add-on” product to other tech, ultimately producing inferior quality products. This results in there being some ineffective or even defective air source heat pumps on the market, which simply are not effective for the British climate.

NIBE air source heat pumps are highly dependable and perform exceptionally well, even in sub-zero temperatures, ensuring your home remains cosy during the coldest of winters. By combining renewable energy and new smart technologies, NIBE has been manufacturing sustainable heating solutions since 1952, setting the gold standard for sustainable heating solutions. Consequently, their legacy of innovation helps us provide low-carbon living at an affordable price to our thriving communities. Embrace the future of heating technology and join us in celebrating beautifully made, greener homes.

Book a visit to Cherry Hill, Clifton Meadows, or Oakfields to see them for yourself.

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